Choosing the Best Export Outsourcing Company

Oversea sales can be a great way to increase your company income and also to expand your company influence. But exporting your products is not an easy task. After you make sure that your home company is stable and you understand all the exporting rules, you have to find out a good export company. Export company will help you manage all the hassle in exporting so you can focus on more important things in the same time. Here are some things you have to look for in choosing an export company.

Find an Experienced Company

Make sure the company you want to choose has myriad experience in exporting goods, especially to the country where you want to sell your products. Some country has strict regulations and business culture that you need to follow. Unreliable export company may end up hurting your oversea sales.

Find Out What Products They Usually Sell

Finding a company with experiences selling products similar to yours is very beneficial. They will know exactly who they need to call to make sure your products will sale well. It will be better if they like your products and have big passion to market it too.

Find Company with Good Reputation

Do not take risks with company reputation. Finding a good company and spend more money for that is more important than saving money to hire export company with bad reputation. The company of your choice should have a good track record dealing with both government official and fellow businessman. Go to trade shows or read trade magazines and even visit local embassies and trade offices to make sure you will find a reputable export company.

Using an export company service is a great way to maximize your oversea sales. But before you decide which company you want to choose, make sure you have done all the research you need and you also really ready to expand your business.


Is Outsourcing Sales an Important Issue for Business?

Outsourcing sales is one of the trending topics in this global crisis situation. This is no secret that companies opt to outsource sales with purpose of getting cost efficiency for their business. Cost efficiency is something that is required in today’s global economic crisis. It is true that the outsourcing sales companies carve out this niche, but what are the outsourcing sales actually offers?

There are few advantages of outsourcing sales that can be mentioned from a general point of view. The outsourcing sales can save budget for recruitment process while in the mean time you can focus on managing the core of your business such as on marketing. Experiences in sales make them having level of knowledge that shows their expertise. They have better market data offered to improve your product’s brand image and recognition. Providing market share analysis and market growth are what they will do for your company. One of their orientations is your customer’s satisfaction so to keep your products having good image in the eyes of your customers. The faster your products get sold, the lower costs of inventory to spend.

But this option would make reduction of workforce which is an issue of employment. But, whatever decision your company takes, you have a free hand to choose the best options for your company.