Web Development Tools Needed for Specific Needs

If you are developing website for your business, you need web applications to fit your business requirements and strategies. Hiring a custom web design company that has web designers and experts with deep experience using the latest technology to custom applications to meet your specific business needs should be considered.

Generally, a custom application development company analyzes all your business needs in the first place, and then it proposes a solution. Choosing custom application development is preferable so that your employees are not forced to make major change. They will continue to use applications with minor modifications.

To be considered, your employees might face difficulties to finish their tasks if the programs or applications are too complicated. You can get applications easily without hand coding anymore if you pick the sound choice.

Organizing database is extremely important when developing websites for web-based projects. To help one organization in developing various sections, database includes all information that flows between the different departments within an organization. The database application development provides information such as address and phone numbers of all customers.

Your company or organization can access the database whenever needed in ordered manner. By using the database application development, organizations are able to track customers in improving relationship with customers.

Organizations can use database to track required information for sales and cost management purposes. Whether it is small or large organization, this application offers solutions for organizing database of your web.

Every corporate needs a website with the right tools and features for potential consumers, and the tools are able to be used comfortably by the consumers. To develop a web page, it may involve implementation of complex applications. The web development tools can help to satisfy requirements in effort of establishing a great website.

The right web development tools are required for optimal implementation of web-based services. The tools will determine final result of one website developed when using the tools for some purposes.


4 Popular eCommerce Platforms for Online Business

There are lots of people who are using Internet for their business and selling their stuff online using social media, but not all of them know about eCommerce though this term is the most important term for online transaction. The word eCommerce means every transaction, buying and selling activities using computer networks or internet connection and information all over the world, and you need eCommerce platforms to run your online store or eCommerce sites.

shop online

Any online business you have, every deal you made with your customers from a commercial site and even a music site are included in this eCommerce term. This eCommerce can help all customers to buy anything online at any time as long as they have account or using their credit card for 24 hours a day.

Since eCommerce is very important, you need to learn and understand about it because it can determine whether you will be success on your online business or not. So before you start your business, you can start your plan by learning this term and any eCommerce types available.

Actually, there are lots of eCommerce types available but most people agree that there are 4 popular eCommerce platforms for your online business and they are WooCommerce, Shopify, PrestaShop and Magento. They are good because many people used them and good for SEO too. Now if you want to make sure that your platform is the best choice for your business, you need to make a comparison and research on more than one platform. It is true that you will consider the most famous platform as your first choice but does not means it will help your business more than any other platforms.

Competition between old and new eCommerce system

Shopify is considered as one of the best eCommerce available in the system but the company have competitors for their existence and take their customers. It is true that nowadays, Shopify is the most famous platform and any SEO will show you a fact that people are interesting in this platform.

It is true that we cannot ignore it’s domination among other platforms but we also need to understand why other platforms are left behind. The reason why it was the most popular platform is because the company always keeps up with the newest technology. The company also makes lots of improvements to make their customers stay and attract new customers.

This company always put their customers above anything and makes their transactions easier. They never try or force their customers to use their service but give them a choice to use other platforms before start using their service. And if their customers want to move their business from other platforms to Shopify, they will make it easier by provide assistance. It is easier for the seller to add new product on the list and clear information for any products available for their customers and find the item they want. However, you don’t own site that you use as your online store. This platform offers you much more hassle-free, but you should prepare a considerable budget.

Since the most important thing for an eCommerce platform is SEO, each platform always put their effort to make their products are place in the first page. Magento also realizes that this fact is their biggest challenge in the competition especially when people considered the company as one of the first platform available in the system.

When you choose it for your business, the company offering you multi-lingual setting without using other applications for other languages beside English. And when most platforms are trying to make their page as simple as they can, it stays on the old fashioned page with open source system for apps and add-ons. Magento allows their customers to change or manage the interface, choose their own design for their own store. And the important reason why people choose it is because when you decide to use this platform services, you do not have to pay, it is all free.

Other best eCommerce option for your online store

Another famous platform available is PrestaShop because this platform has a high score in term of usability, and PrestaShop is free eCommerce software. This is true because it is easy to use this platform and you do not have any special skill in order to install this platform and only use small amount of your computer capacities.

With PrestaShop, you will be able to use more than one theme and template for the online store and you will able to add or enlarge the font you used. All templates you can choose in this platform are very good and create the most attractive online store to increase your store SEO possibility. Once your customers enter the store, they won’t leave your store or change to other stores. Since people love to change the store’s design or adding something to make their store looks interesting, PrestaShop make it possible for their users to manage their products and add new features on their shop easily and free.

They are also popular because they provide their customers with a documentation which is store in their official website. And if you are new to eCommerce and online business, it will help you with a training and assistance if you want to learn more about this but it is not part of the free features from the company.

And if you want to have the best eCommerce choice for your WordPress, WooCoomerce is your answer. This is true because there is a new fact that this company handles more than 30% online stores in the online world and this is not a small number. The popularity of the platform itself maybe increase because WordPress is already famous for internet user and since it uses the themes from WordPress as an open-source, many customers are familiar and understand on the platform interface.

Another benefit to choose it is because the company is using WordPress plugins which is easier for mobile devices. When you use WooCommerce, you also get benefit from the support of their community for free and paid solution. If you want to start a new business or online store, this platform will be your best choice. Using this platform means that you have full control over your site and you own your site, but you take the responsibility for the support and its security.

So if you are ready to start your own online business, get insights and select one for your store among best platforms available.


Best Free Accounting Software for Small Business: Wave Accounting

Accounting software is an essential tool for small business. Managing business finances is not an easy task, especially for a start-up home business with zero accounting experience. Using paid software to help your task sometimes is not a feasible option due to the high prices. But fear not. You can still get significant help from free software like Wave Accounting. Offering free service with complete basic accounting features, Wave Accounting has won hearts of first time business owners everywhere.

Wave Accounting is simple and easy-to-learn. It will save your time and help you managing your accounting needs with these following features.

• Automatic Data Sync
With this feature, you don’t have to input your transactions manually. Wave can connect to various institutions of your choice, and this software will download your transactions and convert it to a useful financial reports.

• Dashboard Feature
You can see your financial status from the Wave Dashboard. It will also specifically display tasks you need to do immediately. Everything you need to know about your business finance will be displayed in one convenient page.

• Financial Report
Financial report can be very overwhelming for inexperienced business owners. That’s why as an excellent accounting software, Wave accounting can do all the financial reporting for you. Wave can give you 10 kinds of accounting report, spanning from Balance Sheet to Foreign Currency Exchange.

• Multi-Currency
This is important if you have overseas clients. Wave updates daily exchange rates thus you can input the data in one currency and Wave will automatically translate in any currency you want.

Due to the very simple features, Wave Accounting is best used by self-employed entrepreneurs or very small business. Bigger business might need software with more features and options.

There are ads popping a lot of time in this application. But since Wave Accounting is free software, ads are inevitable. The ads also appear on emails and invoices, so if this is bothering you, maybe you should consider getting paid software.

Wave Accounting only offers very basic accounting features. It doesn’t have payroll features and free customer services, two important features commonly exist in paid software. If you need to use those two features, you have to subscribe to Wave Premium Service which will cost you $15 per month for Wave Payroll solution and $9 for Customer Service.

Those things may sound like limitations. But actually, if you want to use your own payroll method, you rarely need helps from customer service and ads don’t bother you, using Wave Accounting will save you from paying for features you don’t need.

Even though Wave Accounting has more limited features compared to other paid software, it still has all the essential things that must be included in a decent accounting software. In fact, Wave Accounting simple features will help the home business owners to learn how to use it more quickly and get bigger control over their accounting methods in the same time. Overall, for a free product, Wave Accounting is very helpful and decent software for entrepreneurs and owners of small business.