Why Businesses Need Online Survey

Online survey is much needed by many. Research is a process used to find answers to a problem with the steps planned and systematic. The study was conducted by collecting data that objective. Research is not only done by academics, employers or other institutions also use research.


For businesses, data collection is usually used to make important business decisions. Usually, research in the field of business is to survey responses products, customer satisfaction surveys, surveys of consumer behavior and market surveys.

Disadvantage of Offline Survey

Research that is done conventionally without using online survey tools has some problems as follows:
If you do research offline, it takes a high cost because you have to send a questionnaire to the respondent. If you send a fax, then the cost is also getting bigger. The cost to print a document of the questionnaire was great. If the questionnaire you encounter errors, then you need to reprint your questionnaire.
In the study conducted offline, the researchers had to use printed questionnaires. Making the questionnaire printed on paper will require a considerable cost and environmentally unfriendly.
If the respondent should return the questionnaire answers by fax to the researcher, it will cost more.
Researchers require considerable time to distribute questionnaires to respondents. If respondents are in distant places is certainly sending a questionnaire requires a long time.
The incoming data must be processed one by one carefully, so that this process requires precision and considerable time.

Advantages of Online Survey

Online Research has several advantages as follows:
This research is more cost effective because researchers do not have to print out the questionnaire and pay the shipping cost questionnaire.
The questionnaire is open for 24 hours. This means that if you’re not online, respondents may still fill out your questionnaire. Of course this can be done in a shorter time.
Online research is not limited by space and time. This research has a wider range.
If you use your research online and then the questionnaire can be translated into various languages. Respondents from other countries can also participate to fill out your questionnaire.
You can add media such as images, video, sound, and so forth. The media can be used to facilitate the objectives that you have written into the questionnaire.
Online questionnaire respondents have an unlimited quota. The number of respondents can be increased in accordance with the capacity of a database prepared by the researcher.
The questionnaire is more accessible to the respondents because your questionnaire can be accessed via a laptop, smart phone, tablet, etc.

Software for Online Survey

There are a lot of online survey software/ tools that you can use. Usually this software will provide manufacturing quality survey. This software can be downloaded for free. You can look it up in the search engines very easily. The software can usually be installed in your computer easily and quickly.

You do not need to do coding or other things that are difficult to develop the software. The software usually provides features that are very useful for users. You can create surveys and questionnaires with an unlimited number. Surveys can be translated into various languages and researchers can achieve the required quota amount. You can also export the data into a PDF, SPSS, Ms. Excel, and so forth.

Another advanced feature is this software can save a temporary answer of the respondents so that the respondent can store the answer and went back to the questionnaire in accordance with the time he wants. However, using premium software or professional services may give easier and efficient processes because you can get broader or customized features to accomodate your business needs into the survey.


Checklist before Hiring Telemarketing Company

A telemarketing company helps goods sellers and service providers establish profitable interactions with their customers and clients. Telemarketing is simply a marketing activity conducted over telephone by a telemarketing company. Business entities that hire a telemarketing service will have their communication with their clients, especially the one related to their marketing campaign, handled by the telemarketing company. If you want to hire a telemarketer, you should include the following important issues in your checklist.


The type of service you want to hire
In general, a telemarketer or telemarketing company can be hired for the following purposes.

1. Providing feedback to customers.
The basic task of a telemarketer is to answer customers’ calls and to give them direct feedback. This task makes a telemarketer work like a call center. Not all telemarketing companies provide this service, though. You need to consult the company to find out whether this service is available.

2. Gathering data and information from prospects for survey purposes
A telemarketer may call some prospects and provide them with questionnaires that they can answer directly over the telephone, provided that they are willing to take their time for the survey. The data gathered are mostly reliable because of the prospects’ willingness to provide them and because most answers are provided so frankly and immediately that there is limited way for prospects to manipulate them.

3. Offering specific products or services to customers
A telemarketer may make cold calls—calls that the dialed people don’t expect to receive—to specific people to encourage them to buy specific products or services. The calls may not be cold all the time because some customers may have agreed to receive regular promotional calls previously.

4. Making appointments with customers.
A telemarketer can also be hired to make appointments with customers. A telemarketer can even be hired to deal with the face-to-face meeting. Therefore, although telemarketing is normally done over telephone, there are times when telemarketer can be hired to deal with direct personal interaction.
There are other services that a marketing company can provide. You can consult the company to find that out.

Reputation is always an important matter when hiring an outsourced service. Telemarketing business is a very competitive business that requires clients to be picky when hiring a telemarketing company. Find out about the company’s credentials (licensing, etc.), ask around, gather information about its experience, and consult Better Business Bureau, Customer Contact Association, and other similar establishments to learn more about the company’s reputation. A telemarketing company functions as a bridge between you and your customers. You truly need a strong and reliable bridge to make sure that your marketing campaign will succeed.

A telemarketing company employs its agents to act as telemarketers. You have to make sure that they are people that you can rely on. You have to ask about their skill and experience and to find out whether their skill and experience match your company’s standards. You also have to ask about where they are located because their location will determine, among others, their telephone bills. Remember that it is you who have to pay those bills.

You need to consult the telemarketing company to find out how much a marketing campaign costs. Some companies charge you per appointment. While the offered cost seems to be cheap, you will end up spending too much money in the long run. There are companies that charge you per campaign. While the cost offered might be flat and relatively high, it is considered a more manageable cost because you don’t have to pay anything after you pay this initial cost. We have talked about service types above. You have to consult the company to find out how much money that you have to pay for each type of service the company provides.

Reporting and Recording
You don’t expect yourself to handle day-to-day tasks, but you certainly want to make sure everything that your telemarketer does is properly reported. You may also want to hear recordings of all communications that take place between your telemarketer and your customers. When hiring a telemarketing company, you have to make sure that reporting and recording is a part of features covered by the provided service.


FMS Online Marketing and Its Top Services


SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. As you can see from its name, the engine is for increasing a level of possibility for online articles in websites to be found, easily by internet users. Besides that, it is also functioned to increase a level of websites, meaning that the websites you have will soon be discovered, placed on the top in search engine. Basically, there are lots of websites which offer this kind of service. But later did you know, not all the SEO services are good enough to hire, to trust, and to take oath. Oath? Is it that crucial? Yes, it is. Is it that important then to use SEO?

Why Is It Important to Use SEO?
There are lots of benefits if you use SEO. The first is that SEO enables to have as much traffic as possible. We all know that if websites or blogs are on the top position in search engine, it must be possible too to have lots of traffics. It all depends on the keyword used. The next benefit is that if the traffics are high, then it will automatically increase trading. If a site sells a product, then the sites use SEO, it must be possible for the sites to have a top rank. The impact is that this will be good for their trading. And the last one is that this SEO will increase the ability to compete healthily.

How to Find a Good SEO Service?
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Which is the Trusted One Then?
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