The Advantages of Generating Paid Traffic I

Traditional online advertising is not the only venue to generate traffic anymore. There are a number of more sophisticated venues that are proven to have bigger potential to generate more natural traffic to your website. Two of them are sponsored content and ads published on social media website, especially Facebook. We will talk about the advantages of using each of those two channels here.

The Advantages of Facebook Ads

With more than 1.6 billion monthly active users worldwide, Facebook is definitely the biggest social media website that is available today. More people living on earth actively frequent Facebook than those visiting other places on the internet. Being one of the busiest places on the internet, Facebook can be a fertile source of traffic. Here are two reasons why you should not overlook Facebook’s potential in your advertising campaign.

It is easier to reach targeted audience with Facebook ads

You will not waste too much money if your ads are directed towards more targeted audience. With Facebook, you can define your target audience more easily. You can get your ads to be shown only to people of specific age group, people with certain relationship status, people with specific hobbies and occupations, etc. Your ad targeting options are almost boundless if you use Facebook ads.

Facebook helps you analyze the performance of your ads

Facebook automatically optimizes high-performance ads. If you use multiple ads on Facebook, selecting ads that perform well on Facebook is easy as you can simply exploit this automatic optimization system.

The Advantages of Sponsored Content

The decline of traffic generated through traditional online ads has encouraged advertisers to switch to advertising options that are more appealing to audience. Sponsored content is considered a promising choice as its main focus is to provide audience with useful information. The paid link that is added to it is simply a supplement that gives audience a shortcut to enjoy all advantages described in the content. Here are two reasons why sponsored content can be advantageous for your advertising campaign.

Educates audience

Sponsored content contains not only promotional messages that you want your audience to comprehend and to give positive response to, but also supplemental information that your audience can benefit from. For instance, a sponsored content that discuses about certain health supplement product will mostly provide audience with information about the benefits of certain vitamins, minerals and other nutrients.

Makes your audience more aware of your product

Sponsored content is lengthier and more comprehensive than a brief ad. For audience, the content is considered more informative than a simple ad that gives them nothing than promotional message that is often unattractive. Because of the comprehensive nature of sponsored content, audience can make a sound judgment when they decide to give response to the embedded promotion.

There are many other advantages of using Facebook ads and sponsored content. As you develop those advertising venues, you can discover those advantages and the reasons why they can be your most potential venues to generate traffic.